Field Trip Study Guides

Field Trip Study Guides

We're excited for you and your students to attend an educational arts field trip with Act One! Below are materials you can use to prepare your students for your field trip, including general field trip guides as well as guides for specific field trips. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Study guides are sorted by month with museum field trips located at the bottom of the page.


General Field Trip Guides

This teacher guide includes arts terminology and information for you to use in your classroom to prepare students for their field trip. It also includes information about field trip etiquette and expectations during the performance or museum tour. 

We want our field trip process to be an enjoyable and easygoing process for each of our teachers. Use this checklist to help make planning for your field trip as simple as possible.

These guides provide basic information about your field trip, including general guidelines, terminology, etiquette guides and more.

Field Trip Guides


Ongoing Museum Tours