Field Trip Registration FAQs

Act One 2018-19 Field Trip Registration FAQs

Dates to Remember
The 2018-19 field trip calendar will be released the week of July 23, with registration opening on August 6. Keep an eye on our website for more information regarding dates, and you’ll continue to receive email alerts as we get closer to releasing the field trip calendar.

Field Trip Registration Process Changing
While field trip attendance skyrocketed this year, we also saw a huge demand when field trip registration opened for the year. The first day of registration alone had more than 26,000 seats requested by teachers – a HUGE difference from the prior year’s 6,400 seats requested. With this much demand for field trips, it was clear that we needed to make a change to the registration process.

This year, rather than filling field trip requests on a first-come, first-served basis, Act One will prioritize schools that serve the highest percentage of students on free/reduced lunch. This means less stress for teachers to get their requests in right when registration opens and ensures that Act One, as a nonprofit organization, is providing services to the schools with the most need.

What does this mean for you?
While you need to get your field trip request in the first three days (Aug. 6-8) of registration opening to have the best chance of getting your top choice, there's no rush to fill out the form first thing Monday morning.

More information about the new registration process is detailed below.

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Q: What part of the field trip registration process will be changing?
In the past, field trip requests were filled on a first-come, first-served basis. This year, Act One will no longer be granting trip requests in the order they are submitted. Instead, field trip requests will be granted starting with the schools that serve the most students on free/reduced lunch rather than timing. With this method, more teachers will be given a chance to submit their requests, ensuring Act One is providing services to the schools with the most need.

Q: Why are you no longer doing first-come, first-served? 
When we opened registration last August, more than 15,000 seat requests were placed in the first hour! We were blown away by these numbers, especially as it took a month and a half to reach 15,000 seats requested for the 2016-17 school year. With this much demand, requests for field trips were being placed mere seconds apart and we knew we needed to rethink the process.

Q: Do I still need to place my field trip request right when registration opens? 
We understand that the schools and teachers we work with all have different schedules and may not be able to put their requests in at exactly 8:00 AM. It’s not fair to expect all the teachers we work with to be free at this time- some of you may be teaching while others might still be driving to work. With this new process, teachers will no longer need to rush to their computer when registration opens. However, we do urge you to place within the first 3 days of registration to improve your chances of receiving one of your preferred field trips.

Q: How does the registration process work? What’s the timeline for this year?
The online registration form will be available starting on Monday, August 6. Registration will look very similar to previous years, and teachers will fill out the online form with information about their school and their top three field trip choices. Instead of granting field trip requests as they are placed, Act One will begin to sort requests on Thursday, August 9, after registration has been open for 3 full days. Teachers can still place requests after this time, but requests made in the first 72 hours will have priority over requests placed later.

Q: How are requests being sorted this year?
Act One will be sorting requests on a need-based model, where schools with a higher percentage of students on free or reduced lunch will be given priority. We’ll open registration on Monday, August 6. On Thursday, August 9, Act One will begin sorting the requests placed during the first 72 hours.

Q: What does this new process mean for my school?
What is your school’s Title 1 percentage? If you are placing a field trip request for a school with a higher percentage of students on free and reduced lunch, your request will be given higher priority. For example, a school with 88% of students on free or reduced lunch will be given priority over a school with 47% of students on free or reduced lunch. With this model, Act One will ensure that the most under-served student populations will be given a chance to attend a field trip to the arts. 

Q: How do I find out my school’s Title 1 percentage?
Act One tracks Title 1 data through several reliable sources, including the National Center for Education Statistics, Arizona Department of Education and Read On Arizona (for elementary schools only). To qualify for the Act One field trip program, a school must be designated as school-wide Title 1 with at least 40% of the student population on free or reduced lunch. If your school’s data isn’t available on of these sites, or you believe the data is incorrect, please contact Act One.

*Please note that the formula Act One uses to calculate the NCES Title 1 percentage is:

Q: Will my school still get to attend an Act One field trip?
Act One is continuing to grow and is planning to offer more than 46,000 spots in the 2018-19 school year. While we cannot guarantee that your school will receive your top choice of field trip, we will try our best to place your school in one of your three choices, or we will work with you to determine another available field trip option.