What is the Act One Culture Pass?

The program is a partnership between Act One, the Phoenix metro public libraries and cultural institutions. The Act One Culture Pass gives library users free admission or tickets for two people at participating cultural institutions or theater performances.

How are the passes “checked out”?

You may select the venue of your choice from the display at your participating local library. Then you bring the card to the service desk along with your library card. Your check-out receipt serves as your Pass.

How many passes may I check out?

You may check out one pass at a time and only two passes per month.

How long will the pass be valid?

The pass is valid for 7 days from the time of check-out. It expires at the end of the day on the date on the slip.  Pass must be redeemed for theater performances within 7 days (however, the performance may be outside the seven day period).

May I use the pass more than once?

The venue will collect your pass when you visit or when you pick up tickets at the box office, so it may be used only once during the 7 day period.

Are the Culture Passes renewable?

Passes are not renewable.

May I reserve an Act One Culture Pass?

No. Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do the passes need to be returned to the library?

No. You will hand in your pass in exchange for admission or tickets, so there’s no need to return it to the library.

Can the Act One Culture Pass be reserved on-line?

No. The Act One Culture Pass can only be checked out of participating libraries and are subject to availability.

Can I use my library card to get free admission?

No. A valid library card is required to check-out the Act One Culture Pass from participating libraries, but by themselves a library card will not grant admission to participating museums and destinations.

If I have more people than what is allotted on the pass, do they get free admission on the higher ticket prices?

Yes. The free admission can be redeemed against your highest price ticket. So, if you come with 2 adults and 2 children, you can pay for just the children.

Are there restrictions on the Act One Culture Pass?

The pass covers admission to participating art, cultural and performing arts organizations, but not to most special events/exhibits. Some participating organizations may have a few select dates when the pass cannot be used. Restrictions will be posted on this website.  Additionally, please check with the organization prior to you visit to confirm that there are no other restrictions.

How many passes will the libraries have?

Passes are distributed throughout the library systems based on library usage.  Please check with your library if you have questions about a particular organization.  Only the main library of each system will carry the performing arts passes dues to ticket restrictions.

How can I get more information?

Please visit any of the participating organizations’ websites; links are provided on this website. 

Why is my library not listed?

This is a limited program, and not all libraries could be included. As the program grows and additional funding is secured, additional library locations may be added.

How do I redeem Theater Culture Passes?

Please call the box office number that is located on the Culture Pass due date receipt.  Tell the box office that you wish to redeem your pass for the performance listed on the card.  They will then give you available dates, times and seat information.  You may pick up your performance tickets the day of the show at the box office.  You will need to give them your date due slip when you pick up your tickets.  Passes are only valid for the performance listed.  Passes must be used to reserve tickets within the seven day –due date period.

Who is sponsoring the Act One Culture Pass?

The Act One Culture Pass is a Program of Act One.