Your Donation Opens the World to a Child

Arts are the great equalizer. We believe that experiencing art together removes socioeconomic challenges that inhibit a deeper learning experience. Spending a few moments contemplating the subjects in a painting, thinking about their daily challenges and exploring the emotion presented expands your world view and makes you a more compassionate person. Imagine generations of students that never see the inside of a museum or witness the magic of a live performance.

Act One provides two programs that work hand-in-hand in opening the doors to the arts for thousands of Arizonans. Through the Act One Culture Pass program, more than 500,000 library cardholders annually have the opportunity to experience one of our stellar arts and culture partners free of charge. The Field Trip program provides more than 31,000 students from Title 1 schools opportunities to experience an artistic field trip. The Act One experience include transportation, admission and a teaching guide to help prepare students for the field trip. 

Providing access to the arts is not about today. It is about the future.


Art plays a leading role in our community and the classroom. If you would like to help a child experience an educational arts field trip or give families the opportunity to explore our community’s cultural treasures, consider making a gift today.

There are multiple ways to support the work of Act One. Click on the buttons below to view giving options.

All gifts are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!

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